Republicans Complain About Obama Vacations

President Barack Obama is taking aim at Senate Republicans, accusing them of playing politics. at the White House before Obama flew to Maine yesterday for a weekend family vacation. Lawmakers have been battling for weeks over.

The briefing was coming hours before a weeklong recess sends Congress home to energized voters — mostly Democrats — who have recently crammed town hall meetings to complain noisily about GOP efforts to repeal Obama’s statute.

March 22 (UPI) –House intelligence committee Republicans voted Thursday to.

Jul 16, 2010  · Obama vacation brings rest, GOP criticizing Obama for vacationing during environmental. As for calls that Obama should vacation in the Gulf,

So perhaps with everyone on vacation in Washington. The developing conventional wisdom about President Obama among liberals is that initially he was naive about Republicans and tried too hard to negotiate with them. This is.

Union dues are kept separate from the NEA’s political action committee, which spends donated funds to promote candidates such as Obama. And the NEA has endorsed GOP candidates who are pro-public education. Despite the.

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The whole scheme falls apart right about the time Barack Obama leaves. (some of them Republican!). If you complain about your jacked-up premiums or lousy.

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama of minimizing. Carney rejected the Republican charge. “There’s obviously a lot of noise around this issue at times,” he said, and rejected Republican complaints.

Republicans Have Filed A Formal Complaint Into Obama’s ‘Misuse Of Taxpayer Dollars’

Kimmel says he will file "complaint" against Trump Organization. GOP chairman condemns Obama’s vacation during crises. President Obama’s been on vacation.

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Democrats Criticize Obama’s Non-Stop, Ultra Expensive Vacations On. The DEMS did NOTHING for President Obama… they let the GOP treat. Do you complain when.

Aug 13, 2014  · . but there can’t be that many as stupid as the complaint that he takes too many vacations. Since Obama. vacation complaint. Republican one — the.

By now everyone has heard about Barack Obama’s complaint that Republicans are treating him "like a dog," and to be honest with you I did not intend to post on his.

The prospect of pitching over the federal “fiscal cliff” isn’t stopping the White House from moving forward with President Obama’s year-end Hawaii vacation plans. Even as Republicans and Democrats report minimal progress so far in.

Republicans, Rushing Their Health Bill Through, Complain Obamacare Was Passed. President Barack Obama gathered congressional leaders for a.

(Newser) – President Obama expressed his support for four Republican proposals on health care reform today, but the items don’t address core GOP complaints and are unlikely to be game-changers. In a letter to congressional leaders,

Republicans, Rushing Their Health Bill Through, Complain Obamacare Was Passed. President Barack Obama gathered congressional leaders for a.

To be sure, GOP lawmakers have stepped in to support her. For example, Rep.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Thursday dismissed Donald Trump’s warning that November’s election could be rigged against the Republican candidate as “ridiculous.” Obama compared the GOP nominee’s complaint.

FULL ANSWER Our inbox is chock full of questions about who took more vacation days, Obama. of complaints are nothing. of presidential vacations,

WASHINGTON — The Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a formal complaint with the US Government Accountability Office, accusing the Obama administration of using taxpayer funds to campaign on President Barack.

While the rest of the state prepares for Easter, starts planning getaways and family vacations. the most complain the loudest. All the while, the facts on the ground tell a story that might surprise you. Gov. Rick Snyder and Republican.

Jan 31, 2017  · The unprecedented obstructionism happened when Obama was. Republicans complain about. Mitch actually had the balls to complain about democrats holding up.

And Republican-friendly business groups like the U.S. Chamber. Infrastructure advocates often complain that Obama hasn’t used his bully pulpit enough to push for an investment program. But he barnstormed the country for the.

The hilarious hypocrisy of Republicans complaining about the. be easily reversed by a Republican president or supplanted by an. Obama’s done that to an American.

Republicans attack President Obama for taking too many vacation. whose executive orders were not the object of Republican complaint. Republicans lie. They lie.

The vacation also occurred during the funeral of Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, the only general officer killed in Afghanistan. Obama faced criticism for being on vacation during these times, but those types of complaints are nothing new —.

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Bolinger also was critical of emissions rules enacted under President Barack.

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Nov 17, 2010  · Donald Berwick Retreats on Rationing, Republicans Complain About Hearing. Donald Berwick Retreats on Rationing, Republicans Complain. Obama…

Among the majority of Republicans who support Trump, this spending plan has provoked not a whimper of complaint. Among the minority who. [makes] it more acceptable to Republican voters than Obama’s?” Why, that is quite a.

The House Intelligence Committee voted Thursday to release a Republican.

Feb 01, 2017  · Republicans complain about "unprecedented" obstruction. In 2005 Republicans threatened to nuke the. We all knew that Obama.

Republicans in Congress went home for the holidays and let that lifeline expire. And for many of their constituents who.

Has Obama spent more time on vacation than any other US president. Why do Republicans cry every time Obama takes a. bitch about Obama’s "vacation.